Vehicle Insurance

Secure your vehicle against accidental damage and theft

Vehicle Insurance features

No stress solutions

Locked your keys inside your ride? No worries! With a purple buddy waiting in the wings to retrieve your keys without as much as a scratch on your car, you'll be in the driver's seat again before anyone even notices. Need a courtesy car? Own the road again with a courtesy car on us!

Excess-free benefits

Yes, you read right! We offer an excess-free benefit that allows you to reap a two-fold reward. Counted as a Hollard Car Insurance Claim, you can wave the stress of excess payments goodbye and enjoy the money in your pocket.

Comprehensive coverage

To get you where you need to go, we've pulled out all the stops, from vehicle-related emergencies to sound equipment, emergency hotel expenses, medical emergencies, and even trauma counselling - this policy covers you for things you didn't know you needed!

Extra care and support

We're more than an insurance company. Think of us as your purple big brother who has your best interests at heart and is always looking out for you. Rely on us to exceed your expectations with outstanding service and assistance when you need it most!

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Who can be covered?

To qualify for this policy, you need to be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license, and not suffer from a medical condition that affects your driving ability.

Standard cover

Car-related problems are the worst, aren’t they? Nothing could be more stressful, whether it's trying to get your locked keys out of the car or having to take it for service when you need to go on a trip.

Our comprehensive cover includes the extensive list of covers below:

  • Delivery after repair
  • Emergency hotel expenses
  • Emergency repairs
  • Keys, locks and remote controls
  • Medical expenses
  • Sound equipment
  • Towing & storage following an accident or attempted theft
  • Trauma counselling
  • Courtesy vehicle

Exclusions to your cover will apply should you:

  • Rent out your vehicle
  • Receive a reward as a driving instructor
  • Use the vehicle for commercial purposes as a building contractor, courier, and driver who transports passengers for reward or hires your vehicle out to transport passengers

How do I take out a Hollard Car Insurance Policy?

Make sure your car is fully protected on every drive.

Reach out to a friendly Hollard Agent or trusted Broker via our broker channel to steer you in the right direction, pronto.

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