About Hollard in Namibia

The Hollard Namibia Way

Our most valuable assets, our people, follow a set of core values that are the driving force behind the ‘Hollard Way’.

Hollard Namibia came into being in 2003 when a small team of enthusiasts shared a vision that would take insurance to another level, challenging the norm of the industry. The team has since grown in volume, but also in our capacity for knowledge and passion, and through this growth, we have changed the face of the industry. We are constantly looking for new team members who share the same vision and would enjoy a career in insurance. 

Namibia is a vast, beautiful country, only matched by the beauty of its people. We at Hollard know that by understanding the uniqueness of its people we can make the biggest difference where it would matter the most! Humility and sincerity are two of the core elements of why we do what we do, emphasizing the fact that we are a company built on morals and (sometimes quirky, but always genuine) ethics. Our goal is to not merely be successful as a company but to always remember that our success should match our never-ending resolve in always finding the best ways and means to stand by the people who matter the most. We are a company built on Namibian soil, by Namibian people, for Namibian people!

Who we are today

Today, at Hollard Namibia we continue to grow and thrive in our environment while encouraging each other to meet and exceed all client expectations with our “can do” attitude. We consistently produce healthy underwriting profits and continue to establish, service and maintain strong relationships with our partners.

With 10 branches across Namibia from Keetmanshoop in the south to Rundu in the north, our footprint has grown substantially over the last couple of years.

Through smart partnerships, we can now ensure that our partners are the best in the business, maintaining only the highest level of professionalism within the industry.

Purpose and culture

Hollard’s purpose is to enable more people to create and secure a better future for all. 

By achieving exceptional, sustainable and inclusive growth; by partnering to deliver the win-win-win; by treating everyone with care and dignity; by courageously pursuing a better way; and by acting as a catalyst for positive and enduring change, we will be the favourite insurer in each country in which we operate.

Of course, none of this can be achieved without a supportive culture. And our culture, which we call the Hollard Way, is something that we’re passionate about and something that every Hollardite lives every day.

The Hollard Way asks us to balance the need to deliver and get things done, with the need to dream, pioneer and experiment. It recognises that we are a family, made up of real and mindful individuals. It encourages us to find the win-win-win for Hollard, our partners and our customers, and to get the balance right for ourselves. It asks that we get the facts, but listen to our gut. Perhaps most demandingly of all, it asks us to take what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

As a result of all of this, as a Hollard customer you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and above all, a sense of common humanity. We expect to be held to the highest standards and whilst we certainly can’t claim to always get it right, we try our absolute best to deliver on your expectations.

Hollard Namibia fact file:

  • We're Namibia's largest privately-owned insurance group
  • We hold a highly diversified business profile 
  • We’re extremely proud to host over 236 passionate team members in Namibia
  • We offer recognised service excellence
  • Combined annual gross premium income of N$1.3 billion and rising
  • Total assets of over N$700 million
  • Financial strength of N$350 million in shareholder’s funds
  • In excess of 60,000 policy-holders and still growing

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