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Water damage can seriously dampen your mood!

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Water damage can seriously dampen your mood! Make sure your house does not become a fish tank by clearing gutters and checking seals and the condition of fittings.

A living room sunken underwater with fish swimming around.

As the rainy season is supposed to start soon, just like it did last year this time and the year before. OK wait, let’s be honest here, it has not rained properly in almost 5 years. Our dams are slushy mud pools, and half of Nampol is trying to shut down illegal car washes, to no avail. Namwater has almost needed to change its name to NamNowater.

But all this can change in an instant because nature is funny that way! Here are a couple of tips for you on how to protect your building from water damage:


Your roof is the only defence your building has before it could possibly become a fully furnished swimming pool. Always check for loose roofing or signs of age. Make sure all vents/chimneys are sealed properly to make them watertight. Another important fact to keep in mind is that you have fantastic life insurance because becoming a roof ninja is not only dangerous to yourself but also to the unsuspecting person you might land on.


These things are apparently very important in luring water away from the inside of your building. Make sure your gutters are secured properly and not flowing in the wrong direction. Clean your gutters of debris to avoid flooding or overflow. Most gutters are made of metal which can cause serious injuries, please be careful when trying to clear them out.


To avoid your beautiful property turning into a breeding ground for all sorts of aquatic critters, you would need to make sure that the area of ground around your premises slopes away from the structure itself, eliminating the build-up of unwanted ponds around your foundations. Building a medieval moat to protect your castle might have been a swell idea a 1000 years ago, but I’m pretty sure it will not help much today. You could always dig a ditch to drain the excess water into your neighbour's yard, but again, make sure your life insurance is intact before considering this option.


The majority of damage caused by rain can be attributed to seepage from “sealed” fitments such as windows and door frames. Because of our wonderfully diverse conditions here in Namibia, products like silicone take a thorough beating, oftentimes weathering away and exposing your carpets to a future of mold and other yucky stuff, like replacing all of them.

Why is all of this relevant? 

These facts are important to you because it could lead to a claim being rejecting if the policy terms and conditions regarding the maintenance of your building are not adhered to. A simple inspection of your premises could be the difference between the rain being a blessing or a curse.

Till next time Hollard...

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