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Motorcycling is a risky two wheel business, keep that "dop on your kop"!

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There are some rather obvious things you need to consider before you buy the beast, such as Insurance and some elements regarding motorcycle insurance that sets it apart from normal four-wheel cover.

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Recently Namibia has seen an explosion of facial hair, as more and more men realise that looking like a man, isn’t actually such a bad thing! To be honest I’m sure no one minds, as the Justin Bieber look didn’t go down too well with a Gobabis Oom. But with this sudden boost in testosterone levels, we have also seen more and more people buying motorcycles and even though the average bloke with a Harley still rides it like a Vespa, it is and always will be a risky two-wheel business. Especially when you consider the driving skills of our taxis, as well as the tempers of some people who think they own the road because of that “SPORT” written on the back of their Land rovers.

So if you have just successfully sprouted your first visible Mo, and find yourself satisfied with the progress that your sideburns have made in reaching your chin, you might be considering completing your beard by buying a motorcycle. But there are some rather obvious things you need to consider before you buy the beast, such as Insurance and some elements regarding motorcycle insurance that sets it apart from normal 4-wheel cover.

Consider your Dop!

We know that a beard is manstasic and the prospect of a Helmet seriously messes around with the persona you wish to convey. It also significantly lowers your chances of successfully applying your blue steel look when stopping next to a sexy blond in a Golf. Unfortunately, if you are found not having a dop on your kop, your insurance will not pay out in the event of you being involved in an accident.

There is no need for speed!

Motorcycles are lightweight machines and pack some serious punch, whether it be in regards to top speeds or the ability to get to 120km/h in no time at all. Ridiculous speeds restrict you from having enough time to react to a scenario where you otherwise would have been fine. It also plays a serious role in whether or not your claim will be approved, because if you are found to be racing down Robert Mugabe like a madman, your claim will not be approved.

You are not a champion!

For some odd reason there is a stigma involved with the purchase of a motorcycle (I find that same issue with GTi’s) that forces the rider to have a weird, almost scary need to compete with fellow road users. Revving your engine does not, we emphasize, NOT make you smarter, more bad, more attractive or anything involving a heightened opinion of yourself. In actual fact it does the opposite, we’re sorry, but it just makes you annoying. On that note, you will only be covered if you are not participating in a professional capacity, which you aren’t, write it on your visor.  

So the moral is…

Namibian roads really are not a safe environment for you to be riding around on a motorcycle! It is a sad fact that we have some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer cross-country riders, but if you have to weigh the pros and cons you will see that the risk by far outweighs the reward. Doing off-road tours have been hugely popular for a very long time, for a very good reason, because apart from the occasional “gat in die pad” you don’t have too much to worry about. If you do decide to get a Harley, please take the time to complete the proper courses before you brave the city streets.

Earn your beard by showing that your responsibility grew with it!

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