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Life insurance is important, but life itself is "importanter"!

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After so many years of bombardment from either family members, TV and Radio commercials, salesmen, brokers and print media, we completely understand why it is of enormous importance to get the best life/funeral cover possible.

Life as you know is an unpredictable series of events that throws us right, then left, then up, and finally down, 6ft to be exact.

So let’s not become the bearers of predictable old-fashioned news and take a completely different direction this time around and focus on something way more important than life insurance, such as living a healthy, long, lucrative, memorable life. It's 2017 and the years of “boeb pense”, mullets, perms, spandex tights and really cheesy 80’s aerobics TV shows are all but a distant (terrible) memory. The age of abs is upon us.

More and more couch potatoes are realizing the importance of a unique physique, not only in terms of looking good in your Mr Price swim trunks, but also in regards to health. We all want to look absolutely fabulous when the December holidays arrive, but ask yourself this, are you doing it for the sake of some attention, or is the prospect of an additional 10 or 20 years of time spent with family and loved ones more important?

So now that we have determined that we need to do it for our loved ones, we join Virgin Active, receive a cool training bag, buy some gym gloves (because all buff dudes need a pair) and a pair of lekker tekkies, because wifey politely said: “Sarel, daar is nie 'n manier wat jy met daai vellies van jou gym toe gaan nie”!
Some tips for when you actually walk into the gym…                                                                 

  • Make friends with the reception ladies, they are the ones that can get you cool promo stuff for free in the future!

OK let’s be serious now…

Take it easy!

Don’t walk in there thinking to yourself that you will be fit in a week, it won’t happen, make peace with it! No matter how much this doesn’t fall in your “manly” ideology of yourself, except the fact that you will most probably break a sweat just walking up the stairs to the training area! You need to start off with a 5 min cycle, try the treadmill but just don’t go over speed setting 6, trust me it’s hard to make something look like it was done on purpose at that speed. You will fall, and it will hurt.

Don’t be afraid!

Abs do not grow in a day and it takes at least a year to just get rid of that wobbly stuff that is currently where your abs should be. But that should not discourage you at all, because everything worthwhile in life takes time and dedication. Explore the gym and observe the other guys' techniques and routines, just don’t barge into the middle of a “bench press” and shout “jis bra, hoe kan ek sulke tiete kry?” because that’s just rude.

Find your own rhythm!

Yes, we know you are impatient and that for the next couple of months, you will be secretly flexing your unique physique in anything with even the slightest bit of reflective surface. The key word in that sentence is “Unique”, and that simply means that you have a certain type of build that you need to fathom and work with. Just because you watched “The Arnold Schwarzenegger guide to Auwsomess” doesn’t make you a pro. Find your weaknesses, discover your strengths, determine your limits and systematically work your way up from there. Never push too hard, as this can lead to stretched hammys, broken bones or even worse, a bruised ego!

Know why you are doing it!

With so many mass-produced foods, toxins, GMO's and life, in general, being way more stressful than it used to be, your health is taking a serious knock. Yes, there is nothing nicer than a “Braai” and a cold one, or nine, we know, but the problem is when you throw all of these detrimental ingredients into the mix you stand a far greater chance of getting the sniffles.

A healthy lifestyle is something you adopt for yourself and for those that care about you. This will also give you peace of mind in knowing that you are actively trying to make a change in the way you feel in general and the way you feel about yourself. It will not be an easy journey, not a casual walk in the park, but one day when you look back, you will not regret it at all!

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