About Hollard in Namibia

Hollard Insurance Namibia is unconventional and offers individual insurance solutions.

About us

“Our most valuable assets, our people, follow a set of core values that are the driving force behind the ‘Hollard Way’.”

Hollard Namibia came into being in 2003 when a small team of enthusiasts shared a vision that would take insurance to another level, challenging the norm of the industry. The team has since grown in volume, but also in our capacity for knowledge and passion, and through this growth we have changed the face of the industry. We are constantly looking for new team members who share the same vision and would enjoy a career in insurance.

We always have and always will strive for the following:

  • Offer quality insurance solutions with absolute integrity
  • Reinvent the insurance industry for our clients, partners, staff and our shareholders both in Namibia and across selected international markets

Who we are today

Today, at Hollard Namibia we continue to grow and thrive in our environment, while encouraging each other to meet and exceed all client expectations with our “can do” mentality. We are consistently producing healthy underwriting profits as well as establishing, servicing and maintaining strong relationships with our partners.

Hollard Namibia fact file:
  • We're Namibia's largest privately owned insurance group
  • We hold a highly diversified business model
  • Hollard Namibia have enjoyed uninterrupted underwriting profits since 2003. 
  • We’re extremely proud to host over 156 passionate team members in Namibia
  • We offer recognised service excellence
  • Combined annual gross premium income of N$1.3 billiion and rising
  • Total assets of over N$700 million
  • Financial strength of N$350 million in shareholder’s funds
  • In excess of 60,000 policy-holders and still growing

Hollard Namibia’s vision and mission

Our motivated team at Hollard Namibia are always looking for ways to reinvent the insurance industry through innovative products and excellent service. We strive to do this for the benefit of our clients, partners, our staff and our shareholders.

Hollard Namibia values

LIVE UBUNTU - Living Ubuntu is about showing respect for each other and recognising each other as human beings; as equals. It also encompasses sharing our time and our talents with one another, and being there when we are needed.

DELIVER - Delivery is about everyone carrying out their end of the bargain, contributing to teamwork and pitching in that little bit extra to ensure that the job gets done.

INTEGRITY – Displaying a sense of integrity is about being honest and true to yourself, as well as all those around you.

USE INITIATIVE - Using initiative involves taking the first step, doing things without having to be told and coming up with great ideas that can be taken to the next level.

HAVE A ZEST FOR LIFE - Having a zest for life means being enthusiastic and passionate about everything you do and inspiring others with your passion.

CUSTOMER FOCUS (WE GET YOU ) - We are always striving to move towards a mind-set that considers everything from the customer’s perspective.